About Us

The three of us met designing escape rooms in Austin, Texas and quickly became mortal enemies.

After many long nights of constructing and playtesting games and puzzles, we then became begrudging allies.

Since then, we have honed our focus into developing board games.

Today we would consider ourselves three best friends who are constantly designing experiences for all to enjoy,

no matter the medium.

Leo Taylor

  • Leo is a natural game designer with a deep seated love for theatrical entertainment. After a career in the video game industry he found his true calling is bringing people together through immersive experiences. A game developer for 12 years, he loves bringing joy to others through play.

George Feledichuk

  • George Feledichuk is an incredibly busy polymath. A puzzle-centric game designer, touring musician/producer, and cynical editor/writer, he still somehow manages to keep his cats happy. After years working in marketing and international logistics, he dropped everything to pursue an exclusively creative career in Austin seven years ago.

David Rudow

  • David Rudow is a creative engineer with 5 years experience in puzzle design an construction and has a masters in engineering physics. His approach to design comes from using old technologies in new and novel ways. In his free time, he purchases vanilla beans in massive quantities, hoping to destabilize the vanilla industry and disrupt Big Vanilla.



HASBRO: 2021 Emerging Innovator Award


2022 Grand Prix Jeu d’enquête (Investigation Game Grand Prize)