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Risk Strike

Fast and fierce world domination! Get off the board and right into the action with this card and dice game, a fresh twist on the Risk board game! 

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Clue Escape: The Midnight Hotel

After Boddy Black’s murder, you are all invited to his memorial at The Midnight Hotel. Climb to the top of the tower to escape, then solve who tried to steal Boddy’s blackmail!

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Galaxy Goldmine

Your mission: mine the asteroid for awesome space treasure! This game is an out-of-this-world family card game that requires strategic thinking, memory, and a bit of luck. 

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Dungeons & Dragons: Bedlam in Neverwinter

Join a group of fellow adventurers investigating a series of alarming disappearances in Icewind Dale.

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Clue: Treachery At Tudor Mansion

The first Clue escape-room-in-a-box, developed in partnership with Hasbro Gaming, is available now! Find the game at major retailers, or click through to purchase online!

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Clue: Robbery at the Museum

Escape the museum. Catch the traitor. Available for purchase worldwide now! Find out more below. 

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Clue: Sabotage on the High Seas

Escape the yacht. Solve the secret. Available for purchase worldwide now! Find out more below.


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