by Amy Ratcliffe
Feb 17 2022 • 8:15 AM

Clue. You know it, you love it. First published in 1949, Clue has fans of all ages. We’ve solved murders across the house from the conservatory to the billiard room. And we’ve all dropped the murder weapon game pieces somewhere difficult to reach. Hasbro has released many variations of the game over the years, but now they’re doing something different and putting together Clue with an escape room concept. Nerdist solved the clues to exclusively announce Clue Treachery at Tudor Mansion Escape & Solve Mystery Game.

This upcoming Clue title brings a new environment but some familiar characters and components. It’s suitable for one to six players and for ages 10 and up. The story? Well, it involves an untimely death.

You’re a guest at Mr. Boddy’s mansion when suddenly you hear a shriek, the lights go out and you find Mr. Boddy dead! You and your fellow players are then put to the ultimate test: Work together to escape the mansion, as well as determine who killed Mr. Boddy, where they did it and with what weapon.

Don’t you hate when you visit someone else’s nice estate and murder happens? As the title says, this version of Clue sticks to a nice mansion. Gameplay can begin with minimal setup. Players build the dynamic gameboard room by room as they explore the mansion, draw cards, solve puzzles, unlock new rooms and uncover clues. After escaping the mansion, players review the clues they’ve gathered to make a correct accusation and win the game. Everyone has a role to play in this collaborative experience. Even if players don’t get every single clue, they still have a shot to deduce the solution to the mystery with the evidence at hand.

Clue Treachery at Tudor Mansion Escape & Solve Mystery Game will arrive at retailers in fall 2022.

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