Clue: The Illusionist’s Club

When a famous magician goes missing, the heat is on to find her! Adelaide Sable is performing her Mirror Walk illusion, when the theater fills with smoke and a scream rings out. Sable has vanished! Now players must escape the magic club and solve the mystery in the Clue Escape: The Illusionist’s Club game! Deduce WHO sabotaged her, WHERE she’s being held, and WHAT was used to derail the trick. This game offers classic Clue characters and mystery in an escape room game that lets you play right away with limited setup. Players move their pawns around a board that’s built room-by-room as they draw cards, solve puzzles, unlock rooms, and uncover clues. After escaping the club, they review the clues they’ve collected and use deduction to make a correct accusation and win! Gather the family together for a riveting, single-play experience and a game night they won’t forget. This game also makes a great holiday or birthday gift for fans of the original Clue game and murder mystery games. Clue and Hasbro Gaming and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc.

•ESCAPE THE MAGIC CLUB, SOLVE A TRICKY MYSTERY: The infamous cast returns with tricks up their sleeves. One has sabotaged a famous magician! The Clue Escape: The Illusionist’s Club game offers the intrigue of classic Clue in an escape room game
•EXCITING, 1-TIME SOLVE COOPERATIVE GAME: In this cinematic, single-play strategy game, players join forces and use sleuthing skills to escape the club, then solve the mystery of the missing magician. Or play solo
•DECODE MAGIC-THEMED PUZZLES USING SECRET TOOL: Solve puzzles inspired by classic magic tricks and other riddles to unlock clues! Some will require the help of a secret “magical” tool
•EXPLORE CLUB THROUGH A DYNAMIC GAMEBOARD: Players explore the club and try to perform a death-defying escape through a board that changes to reveal new rooms and secrets as they play
•COLLECT CLUES AND SOLVE THE MYSTERY: Track down evidence and clues from around the club. Then deduce the WHO, WHERE, and with WHAT to win
•FUN FAMILY GAME: Cooperative detective games are thrilling indoor games for Family Game Night, holidays, and rainy days, and they make fun gifts for families. For 1-6 players. Ages 10+. Difficulty rating: 4
•SOLVE MORE CLUE ESCAPE MYSTERIES: Look for other games in this series, including Treachery at Tudor Mansion, Robbery at the Museum, Sabotage on the High Seas, and The Midnight Hotel (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

•Ages 10 and up
•For 1 to 6 players.
•Includes 6 plastic pawns, 7 gameboards, 109 cards, 1 secret envelope, solve sheet, and instructions.