Traitor Tots

The Traitor Tots party game for adults and families is the hot potato card game of betrayal and sabotage! In this light strategy card game, players pass a Hot Potato, try to avoid its BOOM card, and get the most Chips to win. Take turns playing Action cards to steal Chips, switch teams, pass the Hot Potato, and more. Whenever someone plays a Nuke card, the player with the Hot Potato draws its bottom card. If they reveal the BOOM card, everyone on their team loses the round and anyone on the other team scores Chips. The player with the most Chips at the end of 3 rounds wins! The Traitor Tots game is a spudtacular, fast-paced game for kids and adults that livens up Family Game Night and get-togethers with best spuds. Fun party games and strategy card games also make cool gifts for kids, teens, and adults. Traitor Tots, Hasbro Gaming and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

•PARTY CARD GAME FOR ADULTS AND FAMILIES: The Traitor Tots game is a hot potato card game of sabotage and betrayal! Grab the home fries for an unpredictable, edge-of-your-seat party game for ages 8+
•DON’T GET BLOWN TO (BACON) BITS: Players strategize with Action cards and pass around a Hot Potato, loaded with cards, including 1 BOOM card. Avoid drawing the BOOM and “exploding” the potato, and get the most Chips to win
•SWITCH TEAMS AND SABOTAGE: It’s Fries vs. Tots! Players start on opposing sides, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay on them. Switching teams and setting up others to draw the BOOM card is part of the strategy
•TICK, TICK … BOOM: Take turns playing Action cards, like Sabotage, Steal Chips, and Pass the Potato to move the Hot Potato to any player. Play Nuke Action cards until someone draws the BOOM card
•89 ILLUSTRATED CARDS AND A CUTE POTATO CARD HOLDER: Meet life-saving Oven Mitts! Sweet Potatoes! Evil tater tots! Includes cards depicting the hilarious spud smackdown, plus a Hot Potato card holder
•PLAY WITH UP TO 10 PLAYERS: Hungry for fun party games that a-peel to both adults and small fries? The Traitor Tots strategy card game is a tasty choice. It’s easy to learn, fast to play, and designed for 3 to 10 players
•TAKE THE FUN TO GO: This portable game is a great travel game for vacations, camping, and anywhere, anytime play! It’s also makes a fun gift for families, adult gamers, and kids ages 8 and up

•Ages 8 and up
•For 3 to 10 players.
•Includes 70 Action cards, 10 Team cards, 9 Hot Potato cards, Hot Potato card holder, 100 Chips, Chip bag, and Game rules.​